Precision Marketing

Solution Overview

Precision marketing is a marketing method that taps clients’ potential demands to recommend and sell commodity to customers in real need and improves the sales revenue.

  • The AI marketing solutions cover precision marketing, promotion campaigns, client portraits, pricing, client acquisition and other scenarios.

  • Provide high-dimensional machine learning model for each relevant scenario, which can realize the batch and real-time form of the marketing list, and support self-learning

  • Provide the marketing strategy configuration application, statistical analysis application, marketing platform operation and maintenance management, and other capabilities to realize the seamless connection between upstream and downstream and end-to-end marketing

  • Provide marketing consulting or marketing planning services based on different business scenarios

Solution Advantages

Boast leading and rich experiences in the financial industry, especially the banking sector, with clients covering most state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and leading city commercial banks.

End-to-end integrated solutions covering software and hardware, data, AI infrastructure, model, application and business.

Precisely portray clients and their behaviors with advanced machine learning technology and features with tens of millions or even billions of dimensions.

Exclusively developed self-learning function which ensures the model automatic uninterrupted iteration and model effects without attenuation.

Successful Case

A Domestic Leading Joint-Stock Bank
Financial Product Recommendation