Sales Forecasting

Program Overview

Through the in-depth analysis and insights of various factors affecting machine learning technology, it automatically summarizes the rules and accurately predicts the sales of products and services, providing a strong basis for inventory planning and store location selection.

  • Accurately Predict Sales Indicators of Various Granularities

    Utilize hyperdimensional machine learning technology to analyze massive amounts of data, accurately predict sales volume, sales value and flow from store level to SKU level
  • Decision System

    Support batch and real-time prediction methods, which can flexibly assist enterprises to formulate sales plans, optimize warehouse allocation, store location, etc.

Program Advantage

Use advanced machine learning techniques to accurately perceive and quantify the impact of each single variable on sales performance through careful characterization of high-dimensional features

Access feedback data to form a data closed loop to continuously support model self-learning update, ensure that the model effect is not attenuated in the continuous iteration, and quickly adapts to internal and external environmental changes

Successful Cases

A Large Domestic Supermarket Store Sales Value Forecast