4Paradigm’s Flagship ‘4Paradigm Sage’ AI Platform Awarded ePrivacyseal in Europe


4Paradigm’s enterprise-grade ‘4Paradigm Sage’ AI platform has been awarded an ePrivacyseal in Europe as part of the company’s commitment to demonstrate full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), widely considered the world’s strictest data protection and privacy legislation.

Article 42 of the GDPR envisions the creation of a “European Data Protection Seal” “for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with [the GDPR]”, and 4Paradigm intends to apply for a European Data Protection Seal as soon as it is created. Meanwhile, 4Paradigm submitted its ‘4Paradigm Sage Enterprise Edition’ AI platform to an in-depth audit by ePrivacyseal GmbH (www.eprivacy.eu/en), which subsequently awarded their ePrivacyseal EU, a “certification [which] covers the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for digital products”. ePrivacyseal GmbH is publicly committed to “submit the necessary applications” to become one of the official “certification bodies” under Article 43 of the GDPR “as soon as a corresponding certification procedure is available”.

‘4Paradigm Sage’ AI platform integrates industry-leading data protection algorithms related to such relevant concepts as differential privacy, federated transfer learning (FTL), and privacy-preserving multi-party automated machine learning. 4Paradigm displays its new ePrivacyseal EU as additional evidence of the excellent data-protection qualities of the ‘4Paradigm Sage’ platform, and the company’s commitment to full and verifiable compliance with the GDPR.