Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Solution Overview

Relying on industry-leading OCR technology, 4Paradigm provides the technical capabilities of handwritten text, card and bill recognition in various scenarios, and supports functions such as mixed model of handwritten and printed texts and the customized development of structured fields.

With the strong feature expression capability of the deep neural network, the end-to-end closed-loop self-learning model iteration can further improve the accuracy of character recognition

  • Intelligent Location Information Annotation

    The convenient and fast text information annotation platform is able to pre-set and pre-mark the position alert, making the tagging more agile and more efficient
  • End-to-end Closed Loop Iterative Learning

    Provide customized periodic model feedback iterative learning to continuously improve the accuracy rate of model recognition

Solution Advantages

Industry-leading AI Recognition Technology

4Paradigm has a large number of scientific research achievements and technical patents in many fields including deep learning, transfer learning and big data. Its AI recognition technology was developed by an R&D team led by Professor Yang Qiang.

High Recognition Capability in Multi-Scenarios

The capability is no worse than that of a human in recognizing cards and bills, capable of recognizing and classifying more than 20,000 objects

Minute-Level Private Deployment

Image recognition platform and all-in-one SageOne can support minute-level private deployment mode and rapid business launch to improve productivity.

Model Application System with Automatic Iterative Optimization

Based on character recognition, the image recognition platform also supports the iteration and optimization of model self-learning and takes full advantage of big data

Successful Cases

Handwritten Document Recognition for a Leading Domestic Joint-Equity Bank