Intelligent Customer Service

Solution Overview

Intelligent customer service is a customer service application of 4Paradigm’s AI technology, with a customer service robot developed based on industry-leading deep learning technology with core functions of self-learning, natural language understanding, knowledge maps, intelligent Q&A, and task dialogues.

Solution Advantages

Whole-Channel Access within a Minute

It takes only two and a half minutes to access the Web, App, WeChat official account, WeChat applet, personal WeChat account and WeChat group, Weibo and other channels for the intelligent Q&A function

Machine Self-Learning

During dialogue with users, the robot can carry out self-learning according to the feedback from users, and adjust the dialogue strategy and the dialogue result. With the increasing amount of feedback, the robot will understand user intentions more accurately, which doesn’t require user intervention.

Open Platform

SAAS is an open platform service which means that after simple configuration, users can have their own customer service robots with all functions configured by the users and immediately available for use.

Product Functions

  • Task Dialogue Service

    Robots are capable of understanding user semantics on their own to provide services such as express delivery inquiries, food ordering, and scheduling doctor’s appointments after multiple rounds of user dialogues, aiming to meet diversified business demands and provide intelligent transformation for service-type enterprises.
  • Business Consultation Service

    The administrator can update the knowledge Q&A library of the intelligent customer service at any time, importing business questions in the fields of pre-sales, business consultation, and service and technical support. With machine learning technology, users’ business needs can be better understood in order to give a more targeted response and help to improve the efficiency of enterprise operation.
  • Knowledge Map Service

    One of 4Paradigm’s core technologies is the layered, industry-level and enterprise-level knowledge map oriented to the universal fields and massive knowledge hierarchy for more precise knowledge reasoning and Q&A.
  • Intelligent Dialogue Service

    It is a dialogue service developed on the basis of massive data, where the robot can interact with users, and on the other hand, users can also customize their own robot. Individualized dialogue styles are also formed by continually learning from the user's feedback to the questions in the dialogue process.

Application Scenarios

Finance and Securities

For numerous types of financial businesses, due to the routine and complicated work processes, customer service centers have high operating costs, and the recruitment of customer service staff is a challenge. Intelligent customer service is very suitable for adoption in the finance industry. Based on the knowledge map of the financial industry, the robot can accurately depict the knowledge system, solve common consultation on financial and securities business and even directly handle simple business processing tasks.

E-commerce Industry

E-commerce issues are divided into two categories: pre-sale and after-sale. Robots can translate the pre-sale fuzzy demand to a specific demand, or even to a commodity recommendation. In post-sales, the robot can answer questions concerning logistics status and product return and exchange.

Education Industry

Education is a pillar industry. With various educational institutions in China, there is huge demand for customer service. Intelligent customer service can save a lot of costs associated with manual customer service.