4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML
A Standardized and Full-process Decision-making AI Application Development Tool

Product Value


Includes the whole process of machine learning, from model building to application, with a 4-step process to quickly build enterprise-owned AI applications.

Low Threshold

Builds, applies and updates models automatically throughout the entire process. No need for machine learning expertise and with low threshold.

High Efficiency

Verified by real scenarios across multiple industries where it can achieve or surpass expert effects within 30 iterations, improving application building efficiency through machine exploration.

Product Functions

  • Data Management
    Data Governance for AI

    Provides data governance processes designed for AI applications, including automatic data inference, pre-processing, and auto-tagging. The data is divided into behavior data and feedback data and managed respectively, which is more suitable for AI application scenarios. Having a more targeted and clearer objective enables data to service AI.

    Data Tracking and Utilization Through the Lifecycle

    Enterprise data is a cyclic process of constant production and usage. The product includes functions from the usage of historical data, to the automatic reflow of the newly generated data after the model is launched, and to the automatic training process of new data, activating the flow of enterprise data and ensuring a continuous update of data.

    Enterprise-class Data Management

    Has multiple data management functions, such as multi-source data access, data task visualization management, and data source information management, providing a wide range of enterprise-class features.

  • Automatic Model Factory
    Low TCO, Low Manpower Demand, Automatic Continuous Operation Throughout the Whole Closed-loop Process

    4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML automatic modeling technology enables enterprise data to automatically be transformed into a high-dimensional model. There is no need for the machine learning expertise and no need for manual intervention. The whole process is done automatically, from feature construction and feature combination, to algorithm selection and algorithm tuning, thus lowering the threshold of AI application, as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprises.

    High-dimensional Feature

    4Paradigm’s self-developed ultra-high-dimensional algorithm can process from tens of billions to trillions of data features; in comparison with the conventional AI algorithm, besides the macro/high-frequency features, it can also effectively cover micro/long tail features, which can greatly improve the model prediction accuracy and enhance business success rates.

    Powerful Autonomous AI Capabilities

    4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML automatic modeling technology supports trillion-level feature computing tasks. In a large data volume scenario, the computational efficiency can reach hundreds or even thousands of times of Spark. In general, the efficiency reached is equivalent to that of professional data scientists, and supports expansion according to the requirements of data volume and computing efficiency. Upon expansion, the overall processing capacity will increase linearly. Enterprises using 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML can experience the rare and powerful autonomous AI capabilities at a low cost.

    Model Self-iteration Reducing Effect Attenuation

    4Paradigm’s ‘Machine Learning Cycle’ theory supports the artificial intelligence application system that covers the entire process of AI application construction. The model can perform self-iteration according to changes in businesses in order to prevent model effect attenuation, supporting real-time business decisions.

  • Model Application
    Automatic Online Serving of Model

    The model can go into online serving quickly or automatically according to demand. The system supports automatic elastic scaling of resources.

    Supports Multi-business and Large-scale Application

    Sharing is enabled for enterprises with multiple businesses, reducing marginal costs, enable asset sharing and solidifying enterprise data knowledge base.

    Service Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance

    The service monitoring, operation and maintenance center is displayed in visualized indicators, so that the service can be tracked, operated and maintained.

  • Indicator Center
    Indicator Center that Brings Enterprises Closer to Their Businesses

    The indicator center provides an indicator system including business feedback indicators, model indicators, and monitoring operation and maintenance indicators to facilitate tracking and monitoring of business effects by the users to analyze business trends. With a specific and custom indicator computing, it can bring customers closer to their businesses. In addition, the indicator center provides a visual way of indicator display, improving the viewing efficiency of the indicators, as well as the efficiency of work communication and reporting for the users.

  • Solution Market
    Rich and Diverse Solution Market

    Through the AI applications in various scenarios, 4Paradigm summarized a set of solutions for specific scenarios. For the customer scenarios that match the particular solution, 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML can be directly applied to achieve a good expert modeling effect.

    Customizing Your Own Solution

    Professional teams and departments can customize their own solutions for their relying parties through 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML, in order to maximize the solidification of the value of the professionals.

    One-click-to-apply Solutions

    Both the purchased solution and the user-developed solution will be maintained in the solution library. Users can apply the solutions to the corresponding scenario with just one click, and enable one-click modeling after importing the relevant data, enjoying a full-process and end-to-end AI application experience.

Customer Case

4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML Facilitates the Automatic Building of Risk Management Applications for Internet Payment Platform