4Paradigm Sage EE
A Whole-process Artificial Intelligence Platform that Enables Enterprises to Build AI Applications

This is a forward-looking platform. With this platform, we have the opportunity to make a very effective integration of data, engineering and algorithms, thus quickly improving the implementation speed of AI in the company.

Yum China CTO - Zhang Lei

Product Description

It is a world-leading enterprise-class artificial intelligence platform with independent intellectual property rights. Adopting a large-scale distributed architecture to achieve efficient offline computing and real-time computing, it is a whole-process AI platform of comprehensive capabilities ranging from data processing, model research, application building, application launching to AI governance and provides enterprises, partners and developers with ultra-high-dimensional, high-performance, low-threshold, scalable, enterprise-class AI platform level solution to help enterprises optimize operational efficiency, improve decision-making, open up new business models, and fully realize AI transformation.

Product Value
  1. Ultimate Effect
  2. Scalable Implementation
1Ultimate Effect
  • High Dimension
    The self-developed high-dimensional machine learning algorithm and computational framework fully exploit the massive features in the data up to trillion-level dimensions, and significantly improve the accuracy of model prediction.
  • Real Time
    High-performance time-series database, real-time features and predictive engine for end-to-end real-time computing capabilities, transforming decision-making from “after the fact” to “real-time” in ultra-high-dimensional, high-concurrency scenarios.
  • Closed Loop
    4Paradigm Sage EE is able to continuously update and optimize AI applications with feedback data from the closed loop of data introduction, from model training to model launching, which frees AI applications from manual intervention and enables automatic adaptation to rapidly-changing business scenarios.
NScalable Implementation
  • Unified Methodology
    We define the standard framework to build AI application according to the ‘machine learning cycle’ theory, which builds a closed-loop data stream and connects the whole process, greatly reducing the development and management costs of AI applications.
  • Lower Threshold
    ‘Pull and drag’ modeling, automatic feature building, application-building engine, and full-process closed-loop automation technology to minimize the AI development cost and reduce the threshold of AI application.
  • AI Unified Governance
    Based on the unified methodology of 4Paradigm, 4Paradigm Sage EE has an end-to-end AI governance capability for unified operating, maintaining and managing of data, models and application assets.