Smart Retail

Program Overview

Apply AI technology to the business process of the retail industry to improve the decision-making ability of retail enterprises.

Help retail enterprises to build an overall framework vertically supported by the AI platform and horizontally designed for formulating strategies. The bottom layer is based on 4Paradigm ‘Sage’ platform, which dynamically supports the operation of the intelligent retail system. At the top level, the AI strategy is formulated according to the company's business strategy to guide the building of the intelligent retail application system. The decision result of the AI application will provide input for the strategy formulation in return, forming a closed loop for the People + AI decision making. It horizontally establishes the end-to-end overall application from the supplier to the consumer and combines the artificial technology with the whole process of business, fully empowers the retail business, and achieves overall improvement of management, decision-making and efficiency.

  • 消费者专属服务


  • 产品决策


  • 敏捷供应链


Program Advantages

Provide end-to-end solutions, including one-stop, full-coverage solutions for hardware and software, data, AI basic framework, models, applications, and business scenarios.

Relying on the Sage platform, the whole life cycle covers the whole process of AI application from data governance to modeling building, application development, and operation and maintenance.

Utilize advanced machine learning technology to build a hyperdimensional machine learning model, comprehensively and accurately predict customer preferences and various business indicators through in-depth analysis and insight into various influencing factors.

Build self-learning capabilities, continuously collect data feedback, form a data close loop, and iterate and update models to provide continuous optimization for decision-making support