4Paradigm Hosts Dutch Embassy Delegation at New Global HQ


This week 4Paradigm enjoyed the privilege of hosting a delegation from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing. The Dutch delegation was headed by Deputy Ambassador Mr. Bas Pulles, Counsellor for Science & Technology Mr. Taake Manning, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) Northern China Representative Mr. Steven Shen and Investment Promotion Assistant Officer Ms. Joy Zhao.

The Dutch delegation was hosted by 4Paradigm’s Founder & CEO Mr. Dai Wenyuan, VP of Engineering Mr. Zheng Zhao, VP of International Business Mr. Paul Yang and Head of EMEA Mr. Mark West and EMEA Business Development Manager Zhao Ruolin, who participated remotely from the Netherlands.

4Paradigm’s goals for this visit were to introduce 4Paradigm’s latest enterprise-grade AI technologies and applications, thank the Dutch government for its strong support in establishing 4Paradigm’s headquarters in Europe, discuss the latest developments in the Dutch and European markets, and explore the potential for expanded cooperation. Both parties affirmed the fundamental importance of privacy protection, data security and social impact considerations for all AI development and implementation. The visit concluded with CEO Dai signing a letter in the presence of Deputy Ambassador Pulles, confirming that the company will bring its world-class digital transformation technologies and ‘AI for Everyone’ vision to businesses in the Netherlands and throughout the region.

近日,荷兰驻华大使馆公使 Mr. Bas Pulles、科技处参赞Mr. Taake Manning、外商投资局华北地区事务首席代表沈勇、投资促进助理赵一来访第四范式。第四范式创始人、首席执行官戴文渊,第四范式副总裁郑曌及第四范式副总裁、国际化业务负责人杨波、EMEA业务负责人Mr. Mark West及EMEA商务拓展经理赵若琳等热情欢迎公使一行的到访,并就企业级AI产品技术、产业布局及荷兰市场业务近况进行了介绍,向荷兰大使馆对第四范式欧洲总部建立提供的大力支持表达了感谢。

双方讨论了深化合作的多种方式,指出良好的隐私保护、数据安全以及社会影响把控是充分实现人工智能价值的关键一步。在公使先生的见证下,第四范式签署了确认函,未来将着力促进荷兰人工智能产业的建设,以荷兰为中心让人工智能技术促进欧洲各行各业智能化转型,实现“AI for Everyone"的使命。