4Paradigm Sage Platform Secures the Number 1 Market Share in China Amongst All Machine Learning Platforms


IDC, the international authoritative research institute, recently released the first IDC MarketScape™ of Chinese Machine Learning Development Platform Market Evaluation. The results show that 4Paradigm ranks first in China for market share amongst all machine learning platforms.

According to IDC data, in 2018,investment for machine learning applications in the Chinese AI market reached CNY 10 billion. It is expected that between 2018 and 2023, the compound growth rate of the commercial machine learning development platform will reach 62.0%. In the IDC MarketScape™ report, there are three major kinds of companies total 13 representative enterprises. The first kind is AI platform companies, represented by 4Paradigm. The second category is cloud-service providers, represented by Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, AWS and Microsoft. The third category is big-data companies represented by H3C and Neusoft. IDC evaluates in multiple dimensions, including market share, existing product technology capabilities and commercialization capabilities and then it selected Chinese machine learning platform leaders, mainstream manufacturers, competitors and participants. In the end, 4Paradigm, Alibaba, Baidu, AWS, Tencent, Microsoft and other companies were placed in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant.

 In the MarketScape™ report, IDC comments that 4Paradigm’s ‘Sage’ platform has advantages in technology, products and commercialization.

About IDC

Profound Technology Accumulation

Self-developed and high-dimensional algorithms have significantly improved business results in financial, media, energy, retail, medical and other industries. High real-time performance of products becomes a distinguishing feature from other machine learning vendors, which helps enterprise users to achieve real-time business decision-making. AutoML technology lowers data usage thresholds and enables large-scale application of AI. It provides AI data governance, continuous updates through closed-loop data flows, raw data access and storage, and solves data consistency issues, breaking the data bottleneck of AI application.

Mature Enterprise Products

4Paradigm’s ‘Sage’ AI Platform supports the full-process architecture of AI business creation and management, and opens up AI closed loops for data, modeling, deployment, management, monitorin, etc. Based on data platform services, it has the ability to quickly construct and provide personalized AI services for front-end businesses through the shared use of AI services, and closed-loop development, standardization, automation, and scale of the development process.

Rapid commercialization capability

It penetrates the market by making a comprehensive ecological layout, co-constructing a joint lab with Intel, and cooperating with CETC on smart cities, working together with SPT Energy Group in the energy field, and with Terminus in the IoT field.

Wu Lianfeng, chief analyst of IDC China, said that through the analysis and comparison of 4Paradigm’s independent innovative core technologies and products, and the investigation and evaluation of the key strategic plans for enterprise development, they placed 4Paradigm in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant in IDC MarketScape™. The industry versatility of 4Paradigm’s machine learning platform plays a certain role in promoting AI platform and applications to help all industries seize the opportunities of AI. The machine learning development platform is an important foundation for the development of AI industrialization, and it has great market potential. In the future, it is hoped that industry leaders such as 4Paradigm will be able to drive the rapid growth of the machine learning platform industry and lead the market to achieve a scale of CNY 100 billion.