4Paradigm Selected for the 2019 CB Insights Global Top 100 AI Companies List


CB Insights, a world-renowned venture capital research institute, has released the Top 100 AI start-ups list in 2019, ‘AI 100’, among which includes six AI companies from China. 4Paradigm was selected due to its outstanding performance in AI industrialization, alongside five other Chinese AI companies SenseTime, YITU, MEGVII, Momenta and Horizon Robotics.

‘AI 100’ is the annual authoritative list released by CB Insights. Since 2017, it has selected the top 100 global AI companies every year. The selected companies provide hardware and data equipment for artificial intelligence applications, optimize machine learning workflow, or apply artificial intelligence technology in various main industries. It is reported that the number of nominated enterprises in this year's list has reached a record high, more than 3,000 AI companies worldwide. Finally, the 100 most promising AI companies were selected based on their comprehensive performance in 2018. The selection indicators include patent layout, investment profile, CB Insights' Mosaic algorithm, market potential, media attention, partnership, competitive landscape, team strength and technological novelty.

AI 100- by CB Insights 

6 AI companies from China in 「AI 100」

Taking ‘Empower AI Transformation and Making AI For Everyone’ as its corporate vision, relying on leading technologies such as AutoML and low-threshold, end-to-end enterprise-level artificial intelligence PaaS platform ‘Sage’, 4Paradigm helps many enterprise users and partners build a closed loop from data to AI industry formed to make smarter and faster business decisions. CB Insights made a comprehensive assessment of 4Paradigm, based on its technological breakthroughs, innovation capabilities, and market potential in the past year.

In 2018, besides finance and the Internet, 4Paradigm entered more vertical industries including medical care, media, retailing, government and energy, and achieved breakthroughs. On top of continuing development of the financial field, taking medical care as an example, the ‘Rui-Ning Zhitang’ series of projects, cooperation between 4Paradigm and Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, has been operating in more than 400 hospitals in more than 30 provinces and cities. In the media field, 4Paradigm helps hundreds of media around the world to utilize AI-based information flow recommendations and achieve doubling of 7-day retention. In the retailing, it has helped many large domestic supermarket stores to conduct sales forecasting, warehouse allocation optimization, store locations, etc., to achieve refined and intelligent operation management. In December 2018, 4Paradigm completed the C round funding over CNY 1 billion.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of AI companies in different fields, the ‘AI 100’ list also reflects important trends in industry development. The selected 100 AI companies cover 12 industries including medical care, telecommunications, semiconductor, government, retailing, finance, and AI technology in enterprise. Among them, AI technology in enterprise has become the field with the most companies on the list. 4Paradigm, DataRobot, Machinify and other automated machine learning companies have been selected, which confirms that enterprise-level AI technology has become one of the important trends in global AI applications. Enterprise-level AI technology that help enterprises reduce costs, increase efficiency and aid decision-making has deeper business application potential and market growth space, especially advanced AI technology represented by Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), which makes the machine learning process more automated and reduces enterprise reliance on scientists in the process of AI application to help enterprise engineers and business personnel to complete AI applications quickly and efficiently, and promote enterprise AI transformation and upgrading.