4Paradigm Wins China's Top AI Award the First Time a Company Wins First Prize


A few days ago, Google released the experimental stage of the latest technology - single-sample machine learning technology based on ‘transferlearning’. The global artificial intelligence giants have been at the forefront of exploring the field of ‘transfer learning’ and regard it as a key point in the future technology competition. Chinese AI companies have finished the transition from laboratory to industrial applications in transfer learning.

[Shenzhen, December 17, 2016] The China Association for Science and Technology, the National Office for Science and Technology Awards, and the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence sponsored the "2016 China artificial intelligence industry conference and the sixth awards ceremony of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Awards" was held in Shenzhen. 4Paradigm founder and CEO, Dai Wenyuan, relied on "next generation machine learning based on transfer learning" winning ‘First Prize in Innovation Award’. The Wu Wenjun Awards are known as " China's top Intelligent Technology Award ", recognizing major breakthroughs at the higest levels of China's artificial intelligence academic community. 4Paradigm is the only company in this year's Wu Wenjun Awards, winning an award that has in previous years only been awarded to leading universities. The tradition of laboratories and scientific research institutions has attracted great attention from both academia and industry.

‘Transfer learning’ is recognized by the international artificial intelligence industry as the next breakthrough technology, after deep learning. At this year's AAAI, NIPS and other top international conferences on artificial intelligence, papers on transfer learning have occupied an important position. Earlier, DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis told The Economist that Google is exploring transfer learning, and Stanford University researchers are using transfer learning to help determine poverty levels in different parts of Africa...

In the transfer learning field, to which Google and other international artificial intelligence giants are paying close attention and directing large-scale investment, Chinese scholars currently occupy global TOP camps – the number of citation of paper from 4Paradigm founder, Dai Wenyuan, and chief scientist, Yang Qiang, rank first and third in the world, respectively, with Wu Enda ranked between them in second place. (data from Google Scholar).