China Academy of Railway Sciences Has Completed the Intelligent Inspection and Application of High Speed Rails with 4paradigm


China's high-speed train is one of the fastest trains in international railway transportation. By the end of 2019, the total mileage of China's high-speed railways reached 35,000 km, and the total passenger traffic volume was 2.29billion, ranking first in the world. China's high-speed railway adopts the closed-looped electrified railway design, which has strict requirements for the safety of rails and electric operation systems, and also makes railway safety inspection a world-class problem.

In this cooperation, the China Academy of Railway Sciences selected the AI system of 4Paradigm to conduct intelligent inspection of high-speed railway system and realized a real-time early warning and precise positioning of risks in the inspection. Both sides will continue to cooperate and explore in many fields of railway intelligent operation and transformation in the future.