Here Comes the Era of AI Medical Treatment Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital Cooperates with 4Paradigm to Develop AI Chronic Disease Management Products


On August 30th, at the ‘AI + Medical’ strategic cooperation press conference held at China's National Metabolic Management Center (MMC), we saw the first domestic diabetes and complications management product based on artificial intelligence (AI), "Ruining Zhitang".

This product was jointly developed by Ning Guang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and deputy director of Ruijin Hospital, and 4Paradigm, a unicorn AI company. It can predict a person’s potential risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and diabetic cardiovascular complications within the next three years, and provide professional assessment reports and personalized intervention plans. At the beginning of this year, British Prime Minister Theresa May was introduced to this product while visiting "Ruining Zhitang". In addition, at the press conference, Ruijin Hospital and the 4Paradigm jointly announced that they have entered into a strategic cooperation. In the future, they will work together to promote the wider application of a series of AI + medical products in the field of health, to improve the national level of chronic disease management, and to ensure these technologies benefit the public.

Ruijin Hospital’s Department of Endocrinology includes a national metabolic disease clinical research center and a key laboratory of the Ministry of Health. It has ranked first amongst China’s specialized hospitals for eight consecutive years. 4Paradigm is a leader in AI technology and services and is the world's number one company in the field of transfer learning. 4Paradigm’s chronic disease management series products can provide full-process intimate services such as accurate screening of chronic diseases, risk factor analysis, personalized intervention plan recommendation, and health management, based on basic indicators input by the user, so that everyone can enjoy standardized and expert-level AI chronic disease management services.

At present, the number of Ruining Zhitang's prediction rules for diabetes far exceed that of traditional clinical gold standard rules. Its accuracy in predicting diabetes is 2-3 times higher than that based on clinical gold standards. The AUC-based assessment effect is also far superior to the current ADA (American Standard), Finnish Standard, and CDS (Chinese Medical Association Standard) in absolute terms. Similar to Ruining Zhitang, Ruining Zhixin can also be compared with the internationally renowned Framingham Risk Score for cardiovascular disease in predicting the cardiovascular complications of diabetes. The absolute value of the AUC assessment effect is 14% higher than the standard prediction level in the industry, leading the prediction of cardiovascular complications in diabetes worldwide.