IDC Releases Innovators List 4Paradigm’s Intelligent Risk Control and AutoML both Make the List


International Data Corporation, a world-renowned research institution, recently released its list of IDC Innovators. 4Paradigm’s intelligent risk control platform and AutoML products are included on the lists of ‘China’s AI-Based Financial Anti-Fraud’ and ‘Next Generation of Advanced Big Data Analysis in the Asia Pacific Region’, respectively. The IDC Innovators are named through the comprehensive evaluation of a company’s scale, product technology, industry case, number of customers, R&D investment and future development strategy, and the finalists are evaluated and recognized in terms of their technical strength, commercialization capability and product advantages.

“Next Generation of Advanced Big Data Analysis in the Asia Pacific Region” Innovators.

Based on data mining and analysis, Business Intelligence (BI) was regarded as a comprehensive helper that offers a basis for a company’s decision-making. Today, AI has become the primary means to help companies face market competition and transform themselves via intelligent business. The combination of AI and BI now serves as the key to success in creating more business value. For this reason, IDC included AI in the selection of ‘Next Generation of Advanced Big Data Analysis’. IDC believes that advanced big data analysis tool builds models by applying techniques such as machine learning, regression analysis, neural networks, rule induction, and cluster analysis to discover hidden, weak links in data or precisely predict complex relationships that conventional software fails to analyze. World-famous companies such as SAS, IBM, SAP, and Oracle – as well as emerging manufacturers including RapidMiner, MathWorks, Tibco – are investing more in this field.

To adderss a series of problems such as AI technology’s high threshold and the difficult application due to lack of talent, 4Paradigm independently developed AutoML products. IDC said: “This product is listed for its rapid deployment analysis capabilities, a fully automated machine learning model based on self-learning closed loop, and highly optimized software and hardware integration. Compared with traditional big data analysis, 4Paradigm AutoML’s advantage lies in its ‘high-dimensional machine learning, model self-learning, and real-time update’.” 


Rapid deployment analysis capabilities: In combination with 4Paradigm’s enterprise-level AI platform, AutoML enables a four-step rapid deployment analysis process: collecting behavioral data and feedback data, training models, and deploying models with product suites

A fully automated machine learning model based on self-learning closed loop: 4Paradigm AutoML automated AI modeling tools are based on self-learning closed loops to help enterprises build customized, fully automated machine learning models that meet challenges faced by industries and enterprises.

In addition, the other two companies shortlisted for IDC Innovators are Niometrics, jointly selected by Financial Times and Statista as the “most promosing company” in Singapore’s big data analysis sector, and Yellowfin, five-time Gartner Magic Quadrant nominee.

“China’s AI-Based Financial Anti-Fraud” Innovator

As the financial sector enters the era of ‘strong supervision’, major banks, insurance and securities institutions have constantly increased their resource investment in the field of anti-fraud, and AI-based anti-fraud products have also become the primary choice for financial enterprises. Currently, 4Paradigm’s intelligent risk control platform has covered transaction anti-fraud, application anti-fraud, intelligent collection, intelligent document review, credit scoring application, overdue alarm, differentiated collection, and other scenes of risk control and anti-fraud in the entire business process so as to solve all kinds of fraud and credit risk problems in an end-to-end manner.

IDC reckons that the intelligent risk control platform provided by 4Pradigm to the financial sector is featured by ultra-high dimension, low threshold, self learning, full process, full time, etc. Its users include large banks such as ICBC, CMBC, and China Guangfa Bank, as well as many other small- and medium-sized banks. Seasoned founding teams, highly forward-looking technical strength, financial anti-fraud achievements and commercialization capabilities are major contributing factors that allow 4Paradigm to be enlisted as one of “China’s AI-Based Financial Anti-Fraud” innovators. 


Seasoned founding team: 4Paradigm’s core team members have strong background of big data and machine learning. The team boasts rich practical experience and strong technical capabilities to productize and promote the implementation of machine learning technology.

Highly forward-looking technical strengths: 4Paradigm intelligent risk control platform is equipped with built-in high-dimensional ML algorithm/DSN algorithm to remarkably improve the model effect; feature extraction automation and intelligent parameter adjustment can be realized based on AutoML technology, and flexibility has been optimized for enterprise users. In addition to anti-fraud, 4Paradigm also applies machine learning and deep learning to more application scenarios, helping financial companies establish an infrastructure platform for artificial general intelligence.

Financial anti-fraud achievements: so far, 4Paradigm have served hundreds of bank customers. By virtue of the implementation experience and models of large banks, 4Paradigm also helped small- and medium-sized banks quickly launch anti-fraud applications.

Commercialization capabilities: 4Paradigm takes the lead to turn technology into standard products, offering customized services directly to major clients to build model cases while accumulating practical experience to provide standard services for small and medium-sized customers, distributors and other partners. 4Paradigm is also committed to training AI developers and scientists to advance the implementation of AI

4Paradigm intelligent risk control platform and AutoML products both made the list of IDC Innovators, showcasing the creativity and strength of 4Paradigm’s automated and controllable AI technology. It is also a testament to the value of 4Paradigm’s platform-based and automated technical research and development and productization strategy. Supported by 4Paradigm’s ‘Sage’, an enterprise-level AI PaaS platform, 4Paradigm is empowering enterprises with advanced philosophy, cutting-edge algorithms and application technologies via low thresholds, enabling them to build AI independently. Additionally, 4Paradigm is pushing forward AI basic research and platform productization, and working jointly with more customers and partners to accelerate AI industrialization process and scale development for taking the giant leap from ‘from 0 to 1’ (innovators) to ‘from 1 to N’ (pioneers).