4Paradigm Has Reached a Strategic Cooperation with Singapore Epitex to Accelerate its Online Business Development
4Paradigm has officially signed an agreement with Epitex, a well-known home textile retail brand in Singapore, and become its strategic partner to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of its online business. Epitex will utilize the platform, a digital and intelligent traffic system with all-round AI capabilities of 4Paradigm, to accelerate its online business and intelligent transformation and explore new growth drivers for its business development against the backdrop that the pandemic is hindering physical stores.

Epitex has many outlets, and its excellent products quality has earned it a high reputation among users worldwide. After the outbreak, its retail store business was severely affected. In this regard, Epitex has been actively working towards online business, hoping to utilize the online private traffic operations to reverse the unfavorable situation.

With rich experience in AI implementation and complete AI products, 4Paradigm has finally become Epitex's partner, helping it achieve unified planning and management of online data, as well as supply chain management, online operations, store location selection and other businesses. The intelligent upgrading, lower user threshold and cost, efficient delivery and service patterns have been unanimously recognized by Epitex.