Industry Scenarios

4Paradigm empowers insurance companies with end-to-end intelligent solutions to deliver complete, personalized and intelligent customer journeys, enhancing customer stickiness, services at touch points and customer experience.

  • 保险客户在线化智能运营图标

    Intelligent online customer operation

    Help insurance companies and agents shift to online marketing, and provide more personalized product recommendations.

    Enable lifecycle management of online insurance marketing
    Support insurance agents with product recommendations
    Improve customer experience at touch points with intelligent push
  • 智能核保/核赔图标

    Intelligent underwriting/claim handling

    Powered by the 4Paradigm Sage machine learning platform, provide risk classification models for underwriting/claim handling to quickly review and classify high-risk cases.

    Identify risk more accurately with a coverage of long-tail customers
    Update models constantly to keep up with changes
    Improve customer experience with rapid verification
  • 智能化健康管理图标

    Intelligent health management solution

    Provide a full-process health management solution, covering medical document identification, chronic disease knowledge base, health management products, etc.

    Powered by deep learning technology, identify various medical documents with no template required, and extract key information via NLP models
    Build chronic disease management graphs and knowledge bases in cooperation with hospitals and large insurance companies
    Provide comprehensive health risk assessment for people in need to prevent diseases
  • 车险智能定损图标

    Intelligent car damage assessment

    Locate and identify damaged parts with AutoCV technology; and assess damage and control claim risks via machine learning models.

    Identify damaged parts
    Assess damage
    Prevent insurance frauds with risk models


  • 50 %

    Reduction in manual review cost by using intelligent surrender models

  • 300

    Data tables required to train the OCR deep-learning models

  • 2~3 x

    Increase in prediction accuracy, when comparing to the experiential predictions by specialized doctors


Our Success Stories

  • OCR identification in insurance

    4Paradigm empowers insurance companies with intelligent surrender model to reject 70%-90% high-risk cases while saving 50% of manual review.

    Case Study
  • Intelligent car damage assessment

    A leading Chinese insurer leverages 4Paradigm’s AI-powered solutions to automatically assess and classify vehicle damages based on the pictures of damaged cars with accuracy of 95%.

    Case Study
  • Life insurance surrender service

    Based on 4Paradigm’s AI models, a leading Chinese insurance company provides superior life insurance surrender service and realizes a recall rate of 99.2% under 95% coverage.

    Case Study
  • Intelligent claim handling

    Powered by 4Paradigm’s OCR technology, a leading Chinese insurer identifies abnormal payment of life insurance policies with accuracy of 99% and reduces payment amount.

    Case Study