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  • Rapid & cost-effective launch

    Simplify the go-live of AI applications with form-based configurations, accelerate the release from development environment to business scenarios, and embed the applications into existing business processes at cost-effective way.

  • Closed loop control across the full process

    Enable closed-loop control over full-process AI applications, covering request sending, intelligent A/B test, high-performance feature extraction, score estimation, definition and estimation of business metrics, result return and statistics of backflow data distribution change.

  • Reliable AI applications

    Provide improved model scoring, system performance and stability monitoring to enhance the overall reliability of AI applications.

  • Linear performance scaling

    With the linear scaling of hardware resources, enable the inference performance to approach theoretical linear performance scaling; and achieve better linear inference scaling performance compared with open-source tools and other commercial AI products.


  • One-stop data integration and governance

    Complete data access:

    Provide a single point of access across diverse sources or scenarios, and support various access options via local files, file systems, FTPs, databases, and streaming data access.

    One-stop data management:

    Support structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data management to provide enterprises with a uniform view of heterogeneous data sources.

    Full-process data storage and governance for AI applications:

    Provide management and visualization of relational tables, graphic data, samples, images, reports, models, files and other elements, enabling rapid data locating and data access for users.

  • Heterogeneous model management across the full lifecycle

    Unified heterogeneous model management:

    Heterogeneous modeling frameworks commonly used by enterprises, such as PMML, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras and H2O.

    Model lifecycle management:

    Enable model upload and model lifecycle management to support model retrieval and other operations in the model center.

  • Complete, powerful and convenient application management

    A comprehensive platform for deployment, operation, and testing of AI applications:

    Enable full control of enterprise AI applications with complete, reliable and highly flexible management functions; meet all your requirements for running AI applications in the online production environment; and available in both private and cloud deployments.

    Agile management:

    Turn on/off AI applications in one click; enable auto scaling, high availability and load balancing for online applications; improve the flexibility of AI management and greatly reduce costs with lightweight and automated operation functions.

  • One-stop visualized monitoring, operation and management

    One-stop monitoring, operation and management:

    Support one-stop monitoring, operation and management across the full process of AI applications to allow comprehensive online operation management.

    Visualized resource monitoring:

    With visual insights into the usage of GPU, CPU, in-memory and video memory empower your users to monitor the resource usage in real time, and ensure the stable operation of systems in an intuitive and convenient way.