Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm



  • Rapid AI adoption at low cost

    Deliver ready-to-use solution to ensure the compatibility and adaptation between software and hardware for AI systems;
    Simplify model deployment and improve enterprise-level features to reduce the engineering development cost;
    Integrate software and hardware to improve performance and reduce computing consumption;
    Render high stability to enhance business outcomes.

  • Lower technology barrier

    Code-free go-live of models;
    Connect to business systems via various APIs/SDKs;
    Real-time monitoring of systems and models;
    Enterprise-level architecture, which ensures timeliness and stability of applications.

  • Easier management of heterogeneous AI models

    Support unified management of heterogeneous AI models to ensure high performance, reliable application launch, and sufficient computing power.

Models and Features

Business Scenarios

  • Precision marketing

  • Sales forecast

  • Risk management and anti-fraud

  • Anti-money laundering