Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Barrier-free

    Provide user-friendly visual experience and allow IT or business users without any AI expertise to custom OCR models as demanded.

  • Fully automated

    Automatically generate models with the annotated data; provide 100 types of document layouts within one single model, making it easier to access different layouts for one document.

  • Continuous improvement

    HyperCycle methodology enables iterative self-learning from closed-loop feedback, thus realizing iterative improvement and long-term outcome.

  • Cost-effective

    Rapidly build scenario-agnostic OCR models with less investment in labors, and adapt to new business needs in real time. All business lines may benefit due to simple operations and maintenance.


  • User-friendly interface

    Provide user-friendly visual experience; pre-set the optimized training parameters. Business users can individualize their OCR models with simple clicks.

  • Fully automated OCR modeling

    Embed the world’s leading AutoOCR and sample augmentation technologies, eliminating the need for layout configuration. Automatically train the model while annotating data with the embedded tool; allow checking the visualized model effect at any time; and enable one-click model go-live once the desired model effect is reached.

  • One model for multiple layouts

    Provide pre-built and ready-to-use OCR models, covering over 40 common scenarios such as ID cards, driving licenses and bank cards.

  • High-precision evolvement

    Put models into use immediately; visualize the model calls, allowing users to monitor the model usage in real time.

    Enable iterative self-learning from closed-loop feedbacks, thus iterating the models and improving accuracy within minutes.

Business Scenarios

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    Identity authentication

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    Document entry

  • 文档核对图标

    Document verification

  • 签名认证图标

    Signature authentication

  • 存档检索图标

    Archive retrieval