Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Secure AI computing

    Integrate chip, operating system, AI software platform and AI algorithm framework to meet demands for AI application, advancing enterprises’ digital and intelligent transformation.

  • Powerful AI computing

    With self-developed hardware and software integration technology, perfectly align software with hardware and adopt domestic AI heterogeneous acceleration technology to meet demands of AI computing.

  • Rapid and agile AI building

    Automate the entire process from research to modeling with the industry-renowned AutoML/AutoCV technology.

    Quickly build up reliable AI capabilities with an out-of-the-box solution integrating software and hardware.

  • Rapid launch at low TCO

    Improve deployment efficiency, reduce delivery cycle, and eliminate costs for software and hardware adaptation and tuning, system building and operation, helping you to unlock the value of AI faster.

Models and Features

Business Scenarios

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    Precision marketing

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    Sales forecast

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    Risk management and anti-fraud

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    Anti-money laundering