Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Low barrier to use

    Empower the users with end-to-end services from access and storage of vision image data to the building, optimization, launch, operation and maintenance of vision models; and help IT users build expert-level models.

  • Fast launch

    Automatically search the optimal data augmentation strategy to increase the data volume by more than 5 times, enabling users to customize vision models with a small amount of data.

  • Optimal model effect

    Empowered by advanced AutoML technologies, automatically set hyperparameter tuning strategies to support automatic exploration and tuning.

  • Continuous improvement

    HyperCycle methodology enables iterative self-learning from closed-loop feedback, thus realizing iterative improvement and long-term outcome.


  • User friendly UI

    Enable users to build and launch a model in just a few clicks without any configuration.

  • Simple and convenient modeling 

    Based on embedded image pre-processing functions and parameter tuning, search the optimal data augmentation strategy to enrich image data, so that you can build vision models with a small amount of data.

  • Automated model engine for deep optimization

    Powered by advanced AutoML technology, build deep neural network models across various scenarios like image classification, object detection and image segmentation.

    With built-in modern models and variants, customize and optimize models for various scenarios, and automatically set hyperparameter tuning strategies, ensuring the optimal model effect.

    Based on HyperCycle methodology, flow back the cases with inference errors for re-annotation and re-training, and continuously improve the models with increasing annotated data.

  • Rapid launch and reliable operation

    Launch the models in just one click, automatically generate API, and easily embed business process codes. Visualize model service status at real time to ensure reliable system operation.

Business Scenarios

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    Urban governance

  • 智能制造设备图标

    Equipment upgrading

  • 车辆检测图标

    Vehicle inspection

  • 工程监理图标

    Project supervision

  • 发动机破碎检查图标

    Engine check

  • 货架检测图标

    Rack inspection

  • 智能称重秤图标

    Smart scale