Industry leaders Choose 4Paradigm


  • No-code paradigm

    Provide cloud versions, without requirements on deployment, IT support and programming.

  • Multiple deployment options

    Enable flexible, cost effective and independent deployment by providing multiple deployment options, such as public cloud deployment for SMEs, private hybrid cloud deployment for large enterprises and on-premise deployment for group companies.

  • Cutting-edge technical landscape

    Powered by 4Paradigm’s machine learning framework and AI algorithm engine, enable individualized engagement at your fingertips.


  • Omni-channel data collection

    Provide data collection and access solutions to collect both online and offline user behavior data across multiple platforms and channels, such as website, WeChat and third-party application platforms. Build a unified user data center across multiple touch points to support data-driven operation and decision making.

  • Smart labeling systems

    Create a single customer porfile with omni-channel consumer data. Empower business users to improve marketing efficiency and operation experience by building personalized labeling systems with AI algorithms.

  • 360-degree view on marketing effectiveness

    Integrate and leverage data to enable flexible and configurable analysis on marketing effectiveness, customer base profile and sales pipeline, exploring user needs across dimensions such as time, region and user group.

  • Multiple access channels

    Support unified management of users on Web, APP, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat official accounts, WeChat mini programs, WeCom and WeChat groups, helping you reduce operation costs.

Business Scenarios

  • Precision marketing

  • Social CRM

  • Advertising effect tracking

  • Intelligent operation

  • Personalized recommendation

  • Intelligent search

  • Precision targeting

  • Data analysis and insights