Industry Scenarios

The energy industry is undergoing rapid industrial transformation. It has become a consensus to accelerate digital transformation with emerging technology innovations in energy. Energy enterprises are embracing and applying the AI technology to business operation.

  • 石油管道异常检测标签

    Abnormal signal detection in oil pipeline

    Accurately and timely detect abnormal events based on the signals from fiber optic vibration sensors installed on the pipeline, improving pipeline management to ensure security and reliability while reducing losses.

  • 海管内腐蚀检测标签

    Corrosion detection in subsea pipeline

    Powered by AI technology, build algorithm models based on historical detection data, pipeline attribute data and historical monitoring data, to detect interior corrosion, spot seriously corroded segments, enable cost-effective detection scheduling, ensure safe operation of subsea pipelines, and avoid losses caused by pipeline leakage.

  • 化工品价格预测图标

    Chemical product price forecast

    Leverage mathematical tools to explore the correlation between the price and influencing factors based on historical data, so as to discover the price change patterns and forecast the prices in future market rapidly and accurately.

  • 风机设备故障预测标签

    Wind turbine failure prediction

    Powered by high-dimensional ML and data mining technologies, build fault warning and diagnosis models and health monitoring models based on various generator indicators, to analyze influencing factors and provide an informed basis for directed inspection and maintenance, maintenance scheduling and cost-effective operation.


  • 96 %

    Increase in reservoir identification rate

  • 20 mins

    In advance of wind turbine failure warning

  • 99 %

    Chemical product price forecast accuracy