Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Simple and easy interaction with AI products

    Lower requirements on AI knowledge: simplify AI adoption process into behavior - feedback - learning - application without any technical terms, facilitating the user interaction with AI products.

  • Unified and standard AI implementation and system

    Lower requirements on IT technologies: build a full-process automation system for standardized AI adoption, thus improving efficiency, implementation speed and performance of AI projects.

  • Advanced full-stack AutoML technology

    Lower requirements on AI technologies: leverage the leading full-stack AutoML algorithm to hand over tedious tasks to machine for faster processing, and deliver superior modeling effect.

Product List

  • 自动决策类机器学习产品图3

    HyperCycle ML

    A Low-barrier, standardized and automated machine learning platform for decision making, enabling users to build AI apps easily and rapidly without any AI expertise while delivering a modeling effect outperforming 90% of experts.

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  • 计算机视觉算法AI图3

    HyperCycle CV

    A new-generation CV algorithm platform, supporting image classification, target detection & separation, fast verification, customization of visual model.

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  • 图像文字提取产品图3

    HyperCycle OCR

    A new-generation OCR algorithm platform, providing personalized document identification, customized modeling, and easy scalability to more scenarios with continuously improved effects.

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