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  • Individualized content and offerings

    Push personalized content based on user profiles and adjust your content dynamically according to the statistical data.

  • Precise targeting

    Target the right audiences based on data like product lifecycle and user profiles to increase your activation and conversion rates.

  • Precise timing and frequency

    Intelligent pushing timing and real-time frequency adjustment increase the opt-in rates for push notification, enhance user experience and drive more traffic.


  • Accurate customer segmentation

    Leverage various user tags and groups to quickly identify the audience for marketing campaigns, and push personalized content to users at different stages of customer lifecycle, minimizing unnecessary disturbance to users.

  • Multi-channel targeting

    Reach customers with various types of messages via SMS, App pop-up window, WeChat mini program, WeChat official accounts and emails to improve user retention and activation.

  • Dynamic monitoring of push performance

    Provide rich, flexible and comprehensive data statistics to monitor push effect in real time.

  • A/B Testing

    Support flexible creation of user whitelists and traffic allocation strategies, allowing algorithm engineers to precisely control the distribution of traffic and work out the optimal push plan.

Business Scenarios

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    Precision marketing

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    User acquisition

  • 沉睡用户唤醒图标

    Dormant users reactivating

  • 流失用户召回图标

    Lost users win-back

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