Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Low TCO

    Based on visualized operation and demonstration, guide non-IT professionals through the whole process from building to application within 1-2 days, thus increasing the building efficiency by 10x and dramatically reducing the adoption cost.

  • Extensive application

    Support customizing knowledge graph applications specific to your business scenarios and needs, such as customer service, search and recommendation, rather than only providing established graph databases for different industries.

  • Excellent business outcomes

    With the encapsulated cutting-edge NLP algorithms, train the models automatically and optimally to unlock the hidden value of data, improve core business outcomes and unleash your growth potential.

  • High efficiency

    Different from traditional IT-reliant products, empower everyone to build knowledge graph, facilitating resource integration across different divisions for higher organizational efficiency.


  • Next-gen intelligent text annotation

    Complete most data annotations by collecting user feedbacks to help better understand business and eliminate manual errors and inefficiencies.

  • Custom graph framework

    With the complete graph building solution, enable users to customize the graph framework and build graphs specific to your scenarios, providing extensive support for complex relations.

  • Built-in NLP experts across the full process

    Based on the uploaded data, automatically train, predict and build graphs in a reasonable plan, adjust and generate the plan according to the real-time datasets, and respond quickly as the business grows.

  • Standardized building and adoption

    With just three steps (define knowledge, build graph and apply graph), non-IT users can build graph applications based on business scenarios in a standardized and visualized way.

Business Scenarios

  • 情包分析图标

    Intelligence analysis

  • 风险传导图标

    Risk conduction

  • 知识管理图标

    Knowledge management

  • 智能问答图标

    Intelligent Q&A

  • 医疗辅助诊断图标

    AI-assisted medical diagnosis

  • 智能检索图标

    Intelligent retrieval

  • 司法辅助图标

    Judicial assistance

  • 舆情监测分析图标

    Public opinion monitoring and analysis