Business Challenge

  • Labor-intensive workload such as data scanning, data classification, data entry, cataloging and information processing.

  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive works and poor operation quality, leading to frequent rework and high management cost.

  • Traditional technology not agile enough to adapt to business changes, resulting in a strong reliance on third-party experts.


  • Lower building cost

    Accessible to internal employees;
    Quick launch in days;
    Bring significant business benefits with only hundreds of samples.

  • Comprehensive capabilities

    Provide a comprehensive solution that integrates identification, classification, element extraction, text analysis and archiving.

  • Greater autonomy and control

    Easily customize scenario-specific AI models;
    Eliminate the reliance on external experts;
    No need to pay for each scenario.

  • Higher accuracy

    Handwriting recognition accuracy: 93%
    Printed text recognition accuracy: 99.9%
    Information positioning accuracy: > 95%


  • Web-based launch interface

    Support web-based launch, allowing enterprise users to access and operate directly via local web pages.

  • Fast modeling and go-live

    Launch models within 2 days with only several hundreds of learning samples in three simple steps, i.e. data annotation, automatic learning, and one-click launch.

  • API/SDK integration and batch processing

    Integrate RESTful API and SDK to easily connect with your document management system, bringing intelligence into legacy business systems, and enabling batch processing.

  • Searchable PDF

    Generate searchable PDF files by simple drag-and-drop to recognize the text while keeping the original files.

  • High-precision handwriting recognition

    Improve handwriting recognition accuracy to above 90% with the built-in handwriting recognition technology.

  • Prebuilt models for card, certificate and ticket recognition

    Provide nearly 50 prebuilt out-of-the-box models for common card, certificate, and ticket scenarios, enabling rapid launch for common scenarios.

  • More document processing tools

    Custom tools embedded with CV and NLP capabilities help users to independently classify documents and extract long texts in specific scenarios, facilitating document processing, data analysis and knowledge management with AI technology.

Business Scenarios

  • Intelligent archival description

  • Intelligent cataloging

  • Intelligent quality inspection

  • Information extraction

  • Content analysis

Product Trial

  • General full text recognition

    Enable full text recognition across all scenarios, including blurred or skewed text, and printed and handwritten Chinese and English text.

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  • Card and ticket recognition

    Support the text recognition of more than 40 kinds of fixed-format cards, certificates and tickets, such as ID cards, business licenses, invoices, and vehicle registration certificates.

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  • Table recognition

    Enable the recognition of different forms of table content in images, while retaining information about their structural relationships.

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