AI-driven Decision Making
A new paradigm for transformation

Leverage precise and informed AI-driven decision making to thoroughly transform your business operations. With leading technologies, rich experience, full-stack products and an open ecosystem, 4Paradigm builds a new paradigm for intelligent transformation to help you rise with high competitiveness and efficient growth.

Boosting your core competence with AI-driven decision making

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Operation decisions

Make precise and informed operation decisions in real time to improving operation outcomes and value chain effectiveness.

Business decisions

Reshape and innovate your business, improve business KPIs, and drive a quantitative change.

Strategic decisions

Make strategic planning to reimagine operation models, break bottlenecks for growth, and enable a qualitative change.

Explore new business models with AI-driven decision making to transform your business operation

  • New methodology

    Break bottlenecks to enhance business operation

    Leverage AI-driven decision making to reshape your business models and gain a competitive edge from intelligent transformation. Eliminate the bottlenecks caused by costs and entry barriers to make a qualitative change, and drive efficient and unlimited growth.

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  • New organization

    Integrate AI into business strategy

    Build a strategic consensus from the top floor to the shop floor to achieve your intelligent transformation goals. Empower CAIOs to develop AI strategies in line with strategy and build long-term competitive advantages.

  • New tools

    Support enterprise-wide intelligent transformation

    Integrate applications, data and computing power to quickly respond to various business scenarios. Reduce development barriers and computing cost to unleash the value of AI in your intelligent transformation journey.

See how customers succeed in transformation with 4Paradigm

  • Yonghui Fresh Food

    We shifted our business operations from a people-driven model to a system-driven model. With the help of 4Paradigm, we transformed our intelligent quotation and embraced AI in plants, logistics and procurement functions, minimizing the operation and management costs. This is a qualitative change for us.

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    Working with 4Paradigm, we have infused intelligence into such business scenarios as supply chain management, online operation and store location selection. Now we have become a user-centric platform enterprise.

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  • Zegna: Making intelligent retail a reality in luxury industry

    4Paradigm helps Zegna realize precise matching between users and goods across online and offline channels, and empowers its evolution and innovation in business and customer operations.

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