Industry Scenarios

To overtake the competition in the new development stage driven by technology and innovation, manufacturers are turning to AI technology for intelligent transformation. Meanwhile, the diverse scenarios and massive data in manufacturing make it much easier for AI adoption in manufacturing industry.

  • 智能线索评级图标

    Intelligent lead ratings

    Powered by AI technology, give intelligent ratings for the leads collected from various channels to accurately identify sales opportunities, increase conversion rate and boost sales.

    Precisely identify sales leads
    Focus on most potential prospects
    Obtain more sales opportunities with less service agents
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    Intelligent scheduling and dispatching

    Leverage AI technology to gain real-time insights into production, rapidly respond to production adjustment, and optimize the scheduling and dispatching plans intelligently, thus greatly improving capacity and realizing intelligent manufacturing.

    Provide accurate prediction on production
    Ensure dynamic respond to production adjustment
    Improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  • 异常检测图标

    Anomaly detection

    Based on AI technology, detect equipment anomalies effectively and accurately, and instantly provide after-sale services to minimize the losses of users and enterprises.

    Increase equipment anomaly detection accuracy
    Effectively identify potential risks to improve equipment reliability
    Identify equipment anomalies to enhance production processes
  • 缺陷检测图标

    Defect detection

    Deliver a single solution for detecting various material defects with CV technology; it is easy to adopt and roll out, and helps you improve product quality and reduce labor costs.

    One solution for detecting various defects, without custom development needs
    Easy to use and roll out
    Greatly reduce manual work through reliable detections


  • 16.7 %

    Increase in sales opportunity identification accuracy

  • 13.8 %

    Reduction in production cycle time

  • 10 million yuan

    Saved in scarp caused by unexpected downtime