Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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  • Full lifecycle coverage

    Get deep insights into behavior data, feedback data, model training and application launch across the entire AI learning cycle to optimize computing, network, storage, resource scheduling and others.

  • Hardcore AI technology

    Self-developed infrastructure technologies enable the AI-oriented computing, storage, and communication; high-performance AI computing architecture supports trillion-dimensional feature processing.

  • Lower computing cost

    Reduce the total cost of ownership; 4Paradigm SageOne costs just 1/10 of Google AutoML to handle image classification.


  • High-performance storage tuning

    4Paradigm Sage software customized for improved feature processing, data-to-disk, etc.

    Components upgraded and optimized based on the standard 4Paradigm Sage software.

  • All-in-one delivery

    Provide full-process delivery services from server, network equipment, to software deployment and functional test. Deliver a one-stop solution for hardware preparation, network configuration, resource planning, component compatibility and software deployment to accelerate the overall project cycle.

  • Horizontal scalability

    Allow for horizontal linear scaling to expand or contract cluster size flexibly as needed.

  • Cluster-based management and operation

    Enable centralized and unified management of all-in-one clusters to allow real-time global monitoring and operation via a single interface.

Models and Features

Business Scenarios

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    Precision marketing

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    Sales forecast

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    Anti-fraud and risk management

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    Anti-money laundering