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  • Standardized data governance

    Define AI-oriented data governance standards and rules to enable better data quality and more effective data governance.

  • Automated resource scheduling

    Automate large-scale distributed resource scheduling and management to simplify heterogeneous resource scheduling and management for the AI era, thus maximizing resource utilization and shortening the time required for AI-powered processes.

  • Simplified application integration

    Standardize and simplify integration processes, which allows the encapsulation of the underlying atomic capability and makes it available to the upper layer in SDKs, so as to support integration and capability invocation of upper-level applications.

  • Ease of use

    Create an interactive mode similar to PC operating systems, which considerably facilitates AI adoption and lowers adoption barriers, making AI much more accessible to everyone.


  • High-quality and effective data governance

    Data quality standards for the AI era:

    4Paradigm Sage AIOS system defines the 3C data standards (chronology, closed-loop and consistency) for the AI era to significantly improve data governance.

    One-click access to high-quality data:

    Users can access high-quality data with just one click, without exploring data requirements in different scenarios.

    Unlocking AI's business value:

    Provide a single point of access for multi-source heterogeneous data, and support grouping management for time series data.

  • High-performance and high-efficiency computing, orchestration and scheduling

    Home-grown core technology empowers higher model quality:

    Provide self-developed high-dimensional model algorithm and feature computing engine; support up to 1 trillion (1012) dimensional features for more granular, accurate and personalized analytics.

    Automated resource management and scheduling:

    Powered by 4Paradigm’s container freezing and migration technology, provide automatic resource management and scheduling to enable smooth AI process, which can boost resource utilization and improve task success rate.

  • One-stop store for enterprise applications

    Access to third-party apps:

    Through the App Store, 4Paradigm Sage AIOS system provides a variety of selected apps to meet the needs of transformation. All of such apps are developed specifically for AI scenarios by 4Paradigm or third-party developers.

    Strict reviews on third-party apps:

    All third-party apps have to go through strict reviews by 4Paradigm before they become available in the App store, which ensures the reliability of all apps.

  • Comprehensive and reliable enterprise-level system

    Multi-dimensional monitoring operations:

    Enable the multi-dimensional monitoring operations, which can shift the focus from "layer + machine” to “service-centered” monitoring; empowering users to have a big picture over business applications.

    Tenants and access control system:

    Provide the multi-tenant system and role-based access control system designed for enterprise users, which helps ensure assets security, optimize resource allocation, improve resource utilization, and provide flexibility.

    Secondary development:

    Provide comprehensive APIs & SDKs, which allows customers, partners and developers to build the whole machine learning process in one place based on their own business/IT systems, with shorter development cycle and lower development cost for AI applications.

Business Scenarios

  • Data governance in the AI era

  • Large-scale distributed resource management and scheduling

  • Unified application management and rapid integration


The MIT Technology Review has unveiled the 2020 edition of its influential‘TR50’list of the “smartest companies in China”, adding 4Paradigm to a prestigious club that includes tech giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, Nvidia, Tencent, and Tesla.

MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies in China

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