Five stages of intelligent transformation

  • Experiment

    0-1 Value generation

  • Adoption

    0-N Scenarios

  • Autonomy

    N++ Value explosion

  • Scale

    Complete intelligence

  • Transformation

  • Why 4Paradigm services?

    • Comprehensive

      AI implementation experience

    • Cutting-edge

      ModelOps capabilities

    • 100 +

      Business practices & toolsets

    Our Services

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      Recommend AI scenario based on current situation; suggest reference architecture to integrate 4Paradigm products with existing system; and help capitalize on existing AI capabilities with 4Paradigm offerings and methodology.

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    • 第四范式建设图标


      Leverage our comprehensive products and technologies, rich project experience and best practices to build, remodel and extend your AI scenarios smoothly and efficiently, enabling fast deployment and go-live of AI solutions.

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      Deliver comprehensive operation and maintenance services to help you maintain a stable and reliable system environment.

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      Our AI enablement training will offer you diverse and flexible online/offline learning courses, comprehensive talent development plans and a cloud-based experimental environment for hands-on practice.

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    Our Success Stories

    • AI platform planning

      4Paradigm offered consulting services to help a top Chinese state-owned bank implement a practical and sophisticated AI platform independently, driving a big leap for AI adoption.

    • AI/data platform consultation & planning

      4Paradigm helped a top supermarket design a future-oriented AI platform, data platform and data governance system to close the gap between its IT reality and future demands.

    • Customized empowerment services

      4Paradigm empowered a tech-based commercial bank with customized training services to develop AI talents for designing, modeling, launching and operating AI scenarios.