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  • Simplified deployment

    Support fast deployment of various marketing campaign scenarios in minutes, such as promotion. personalized recommendations, intelligent search etc.

  • Efficient adoption

    Encapsulated automated modeling, real-time go-live and closed-loop data help facilitate algorithm engineering and realize efficient AI adoption.

  • Better outcomes

    Powered by 4Paradigm home-grown AutoML technology, outperform 90% of data scientists in many competition datasets, effectively ensuring business outcomes.

  • Stable model effects

    Based on HyperCycle methodology, enable self-learning with real-time closed-loop data to ensure continuous improvement of model effects.

Product List

  • 智能搜索引擎产品图3

    Intelligent Search

    Precisely identify user intent and make the target information readily available, thus enhancing the user experience and conversion rate.

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  • 个性化推挤图3

    Intelligent Recommendation

    Help you rapidly build an intelligent recommendation system to balance the ever-increasing information and limited user attention, delivering personalized user experiences.

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  • 个性化推荐图3

    Intelligent Push

    Precisely target the audiences with AI models based on historical data, delivering personalized content and experience to your customer and improving business conversion.

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  • Chatbot

    Offer instant 24/7 support for users with automated Q&A services to better capture sales leads, engage in extended dialogue and deliver an outstanding user experience.

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  • Intelligent Consumer Data Platform

    Provide sophisticated AI-oriented data collection and governance solutions to build a reliable digital foundation, enabling you to rapidly build intelligent applications across various scenarios.

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