Why become a 4Paradigm partner

Based on the principle of “openness, growth and win-win”, 4Paradigm partner ecosystem is committed to boosting AI innovation and adoption and driving industrial transformation by integrating 4Paradigm’s advanced AI technology and industry experience with valuable business, technology and marketing resources.

Partner Type

  • Sales partner

    As a sale partner, you have access to the pre-sales advisory, sales and service capacities of 4Paradigm’s AI platform and technologies, and is empowered to sell 4Paradigm’s standard offerings to end users.

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  • Solution partner

    As a solution partner, you can build stand-alone software, development platform, software services, middleware and technical program based on 4Paradigm’s AI platform.

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  • Implementation Partner

    As an implementation partner, you are expected to enable the delivery and development of various services based on 4Paradigm products, technologies and solutions, in a bid to empower AI transformation of customers and other partners.

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Partner Certification

Partner Support

  • Solution support

    Provide AI-driven solution use cases; provide modeling process & methodology for various scenarios.

  • Marketing support

    Provide marketing and promotional assets for 4Paradigm offerings; provide various marketing opportunities via. salon, workshop and exhibit.

  • Training support

    Provide multi-level training as demanded by customers; provide high-quality and specialized AI certification system.

  • Service support

    Provide services to help establish AI cognitive and application system; assign special project managers to provide full-process support and guidance.

Partner Certification & Enablement Programs

  • Product experts

    Enterprise AI products

    Acquire skills for using 4Paradigm AI products and become a certified expert.


    AI app development tools

    Introduction and tips on AI app development & operation platform modules

    Common AI app development & operation platform

    Introduction and tips on AI app development & operation platform modules

    Application scenarios

    Common scenarios for AI application

    Modeling Practices

    Application scenarios

    Full-process modeling across different scenarios
    Product demo

  • Modeling engineers

    ML modeling

    Learn the expertise in ML modeling and become a certified modeling engineer.


    Machine learning (Beginner)

    Introduction to machine learning; primary concepts of machine learning; introduction to modeling and programming.

    Machine learning (Intermediate)

    Exploratory data analysis and data pre-processing; machine learning algorithm; application of machine learning.

    Machine learning (Advanced)

    Advanced machine learning algorithm; feature exploration; feature engineering methodology.

    Modeling practices

    Application scenarios

    Dataset modeling practices
    Modeling practices in real-world scenarios

  • Project experts

    Project development

    Acquire expertise and skills for AI project deployment and implementation, and become a certified project expert.


    Project deployment and implementation

    4Paradigm Sage platform deployment manual; Docker development manual; ShellScript development manual; CDH deployment manual.

    Project development

    AI project development guide; guideline for batch estimation and estimation of development tools for different scenarios

    Project management

    AI project management process

    Project development

    Project modeling

    AI project modeling practices