Partner Journey

  • STEP 1

    Register for an account

    Register for a new account or sign in with an existing account.

  • STEP 2

    Become an implementation partner

    If your company is already an implementation partner of 4Paradigm, connect your individual account to your company account; if not, you can join our partner program now.

  • STEP 3

    Get certified

    Apply for certification to become an implementation partner if the qualification, competence and program requirements are met.

  • STEP 4

    Report your project

    Report your cooperation project and get our professional enablement and advisory services.

  • STEP 5

    Start implementation as a partner

    Start implementation together with 4Paradigm, and apply for upgrade certification to be a higher level partner if specific requirements are met.

Partner Benefits

  • Benefits Description Basic Advanced Core Strategic
    Training resource
    4Paradigm course platform Basic, product-specific, technology-specific and role-based course training and assessment
    4Paradigm course platform Project-based training & assessment
    Free test on cloud platform Real-world scenarios simulation training on cloud platform
    Partner benefits on platform
    Partner privileges Customer management, benefits of corresponding partner level, case study on AI projects, knowledge base, etc.
    Partner Newsletter Regular access to 4Paradigm news and product information
    Partner salon Partner networking and engagement events
    Implementation services
    Basic services Support for building implementation, development and technical support capabilities based on 4Paradigm offerings
    Advanced services Support for solution development and training capabilities based on 4Paradigm offerings
    Exclusive role-based support Support for developing project manager, architect and data scientist
    Exclusive implementation support Ensuring partner benefits, applying partner incentive polices and coordinating partner resources
    Exclusive enablement manager support Support for nurturing various competences
    Product and solution integration
    Exclusive support for product integration Support for building integrated product based on 4Paradigm and partner products
    Exclusive support for solution integration Support for building integrated solutions based on 4Paradigm and partner products
    Marketing support
    Partner certificate Authorization certificate as an implementation partner
    Authorized use of 4Paradigm Logo Authorized use of 4Paradigm Logo in specific partner promotions
    Content and design support for marketing materials Providing content and design services for promotional assets of marketing events


    • Qualification

      1. Registered capital: ≥ RMB 5 million
      2. Years of operation: > 2 years
      3. Cash flow is in normal state with annual revenue: ≥ RMB 5 million

    • Competence

      1. Have regional, national or global implementation system and resources, as well as proven implementation methodology;
      2. Have rich IT implementation experience in product, service or system integration;
      3. Know well about the application scenarios and value points of our products and technologies in vertical industries;
      4. Have self-developed solutions or be able to jointly build scenario-specific solutions with 4Paradigm;
      5. Training institutions, technical/vocational colleges and universities with professional AI capabilities are preferred.