YescomUSA Choose 4Paradigm to Realize Digital and Intelligent Transformation
YescomUSA.com, an independent e-commerce brand featuring outdoor gears in North America, has signed a cooperation agreement with 4Paradigm. Supported by technologies such as the digital and intelligent traffic operation platform and Knowledge Graphs,4Paradigm will give full play to its capabilities of natural language processing and multi-round dialogue robots to provide personalized marketing services for millions of English-speaking consumers in the United States. While accurately matching the needs of consumers, 4Paradigm will also improve the level of intelligent and standardized operation of customer service, service efficiency, and comprehensively promote the intelligent transformation of the e-commerce industry.

The basis of customers operations is to maintain close and high-frequency interaction with customers, quickly identify their intentions, and drive conversion rates and satisfaction. As an influential e-commerce platform in North America, YescomUSA has millions of user members. Inquiries about product features, logistics information, product feedback, etc are in great demand. In the past, manual responses relying solely on staff led to low efficiency, high labor costs, and it was difficult to match user’s demand.

4Paradigm has devised an intelligent customer service system for YescomUSA through standardized products. Through the in-depth integration of its ERP, the system can automatically obtain the related business information, and fully understand customer demand based on natural language processing and multiple rounds of dialogue. The system has achieved standardized Q&A for common inquires, which has greatly improved the efficiency of customer service.

In the future, 4Paradigm will also provide customers with personalized recommendations and intelligent searching capabilities for e-commerce websites, accurately matching user demand, and boosting both business growth and user satisfaction.