4Paradigm Defends its Championship in China’s Machine Learning Platform Market
IDC, a premier global provider of market intelligence, has recently published China AI Software and Application (2020 H1) Report (hereinafter referred to as “Report”), according to which, 4Paradigm as an AI innovator recognized for its software standardization level, scope of industrial coverage and solid customer base, has defended its championship in China’s machine learning platform market from 2018 to the first half of 2020 with expanding market share, ahead of leading vendors such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and Huawei.

The report dives into China’s AI market in 2020 in retrospect: from 2015 to 2020, every single year has seen new drivers emerging from the AI market and the market landscape continuously evolving from cognition to exploration, to deep application and then to scale-up. An unprecedentedly prosperous AI market has been witnessed since 2020 as both awareness and investment are boosted for AI and data intelligence oninthe Chinese market driven by pandemic control, new infrastructure initiatives and impact of international trade frictions. A series of policies such as digital transformation of SOE, intelligent computing center, etc. launched by governmental authorities since the second half of this year isareexpected to galvanize AI growth to a new height.

Looking into the future, Yanxia Lu, Chief AI Analyst of IDC China says, “Market opportunities generated from continual AI implementation are right therejust around the corner. For fFurther expansion of market shares,it’s necessary to will depend onleveragetechnological leadership and product innovation for newmarketopportunities, to explorefollowed byreplicable and scalable application scenarios and to unite partners with industrial know-how fordeployment of technologies on enterpriselevel with other partners with industrial know-how.

The IDC report recognizes the advantages of 4Paradigm machine learning platform and AutoML products in technological accumulation, enterprise-level product systemlayout, commercial implementation performance, AI industrial ecosystem, etc., hence an important benchmark for enterprises’ choice of machine learning platform.

l Solid Technological Basis of AutoML

4Paradigm has built an AutoML full stack algorithm landscapelayoutincluding perceptionve, cognitionveand decision-makingalgorithm, enabling enterprises to drive up key decision-making performance and empowering enterprises to scale up AI scenario deployment with low threshold and high efficiency by helping withinall-dimensional observation, accuratejudgmentorientationand optimized decision-making.

l Complete Full Stack Enterprise Product Portfolio

4Paradigm released four products this year, respectively are Sage AIOS, an enterprise AI operation system, Sage HyperCycle ML, a fully automatic tool for scaled-up AI development, TianshuSage CESS, a one-stop intelligent operation platform and Sage One, an AI computing power platform for full life cyclethis year, hence building a full stack AI product matrix covering computing power, OS, production platform and business system.

l Achievements in Fast and Diverse Commercial Deployment

To help enterprises address the booming demand of moving online, 4Paradigm continues to provide online, intelligent and precise operation capabilities to empower numerous prominent enterprises and organizations in China and abroad, among which are Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank, Huaxia Bank, Guosen Securities, Laiyifen, Feihe, China Academy of Railway Sciences, DHL, Zegna, Budweiser China, KÉRASTASE, etc., enabling them to embrace digital transformation and seize new opportunities online.

l Rapid Expansion ofEco MatrixEcosystem

With over 200 partners in 15 sectors, 4Paradigm is experiencing rapid increase in its eco partners and industrial coverage on the basis of existing ecosystem.

Despite the unprecedent boom on AI market, enterprises face mounting challenges in their intelligent transformation in terms of high development threshold of AI, low implementation efficiency and poor business value. In FutureScape™ China ICT Market Forecast Forum, an annual IDC event recently held, Zhenshan Zhong, Vice President IDC China, offered elaborated insights on the ten forecasts of AI market in China from 2021 to 2025, among which AutoML (automated machine learning) ranks the top. IDC holds that AutoML will lower the threshold of AI development to make inclusive AI a reality. It is expected that the number of data analysts and modelling scientists using AutoML technology encapsulation in providing end-to-end machine learning platforms from data preparation to model deployment will double by 2023.

Through product embedding of AutoML technology and suitablerigorousmethodology for implementation, 4Paradigm has built a systematic AutoML implementation solutions and pathways,which have enabled successful implementation of AI applicationsfor enterprises in finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, internet, media, energy, among other sectors, with positive feedbacks from leaders and innovators in the tide of transformation. In the future, we 4Paradigm will continuouslyewith our commitmentcommitto promoting the implementation of machine learning platforms and AutoML products in more industries and scenarios, helping more enterprises in their journey of intelligent transformation and upgrade for higher business efficiency while removing obstacles and boosting social productivity.