4Paradigm Completes USD 700 Million Series D Funding Round
4Paradigm is pleased to announce completion of its USD 700 million Series D funding round. Boyu Capital, Primavera Capital, and HOPU Investments led this funding round, followed with other first-tier institutional investors like Sequoia Capital, Goldman Sachs, CPE, Jinyi Capital and FountainVest Partners. In particular, quite a few strategic investors also participated, such as China-UAE Joint Investment Fund, Mubadala Investment Company, CDB Capital, China Reform Holdings, JIC TECH-INV, CSC Financial, and Haitong Securities. With this new funding, 4Paradigm will accelerate its strategic planning across key industries to establish an enterprise-grade AI-based ecosystem and cultivate AI talent.

4Paradigm is an emerging global leader in enterprise-grade AI, including both platform and applications. Since its founding six years ago, 4Paradigm has worked with its clients to implement best-in-class AI solutions to business problems and drive digital transformation. 4Paradigm AI is now deployed at clients in virtually every major sector, including finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, internet, healthcare, logistics, agriculture and high-tech.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 4Paradigm has assisted its customers to maintain business continuity while helping them accelerate the shift to online operations and satisfy the rapidly-changing expectations of their customers. In 2020, 4Paradigm significantly expanded and upgraded its enterprise-grade product portfolio, including 4Paradigm Sage AIOS, 4Paradigm SageOne, 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle ML, and Tianshu, resulting in a full-stack matrix of standardized AI products notable for their combination of power and ease of use.

Supported by its full-spectrum AI expertise, international expansion, and rapidly-growing library of successful AI use cases, 4Paradigm is increasingly enjoying the recognition of leading independent industry analysts, including IDC (#1 share in China’s AI platform market), Gartner (AI representative of top tech trend ‘Democratization’), and Forrester (‘Leader’ in predictive analytics and machine learning). In 2021, 4Paradigm will work with both old and new clients to help them leverage AI to achieve their goals,tirelessly progressing towards the realization of the company's founding vision of 'AI for Everyone'.