Service Description

7/24 tech support;

Remote & field tech support;

Dedicated customer stewards;

Regular inspection and proactive prevention;

Software upgrade/patching support;

Multi-dimensional maintenance services for customers with high time sensitivity and field support demands.

Service Items

  • Hotline and web support

    We provide after-sales tech support, complaint & suggestion handling, service policy consulting, and sales & purchase support via hotline and web.

  • Remote & field tech support

    If hotline and web support is not applicable, we can provide remote tech support. With the prior consent of customer, we will log into the failed device or system through remote terminals to collect data, analyze causes, propose solutions, guide implementation, and provide remote operations when necessary.

    If the issue cannot be solved remotely, we will assign engineers to provide on-site tech support.

    Please refer to the Case Priority and SLA for 4Paradigm’s SLA for cases with different priorities.

  • Regular inspection services

    We provide quarterly system inspection and maintenance services based on your needs.

    We will perform the services according to your on-site inspection rules and the inspection plan we made in advance, and provide a written report in 5 working days after the inspection.

  • Model-related support

    Failure diagnosis

    Locate and diagnose failures in system functions and performance, like model self-learning and estimation.


    Fix system bugs; and provide related guidance and support.

    Daily operation and maintenance guidance

    Answer questions and provide guidance on daily operation and maintenance, as well as the usage of specific functions.

  • Software patching support

    We will constantly release patches.

    The patch is a modification or supplement that we made to the licensed software to solve the issues found in current version. In this way, we can improve and verify the software in simulation test or production environment.

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