Awards and Achievements

Taking AutoML at the core, continuously drive research and wide application of innovative AI technology; based on an advanced industry-university collaboration system, establish in-depth partnership with the global top universities and research institutions to build rich AI expertise and optimize talent cultivation mechanism.

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    World champions in AI competitions

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    Top-level academic competitions hosted by 4Paradigm

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    Core patents

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    Top-level academic papers

Research Areas

Predictive technology

  • AutoML

    Automated feature engineering

    · Distributed multi-table spatiotemporal feature mining algorithm

    · Time adaptive automated machine learning solution

    Automated model search

    · Sparse auto-encoder-based deep neutral network

    · Neural architecture search

  • AutoBl

    Automated multivariate predictive analysis model

    Automated anomaly detection

    Automatic attribution analysis

  • Meta-Learning

    Automatic transfer learning

  • Explainable AI

  • AutoGraph

Perception technology

  • AutoCV

    Automatic optical character recognition

    Automatic image classification

    Automatic object detection

    Automated industrial quality inspection

    Rich media document understanding

  • AutoNLP

    Automatic text classification

    Automatic text error correction

    Automated knowledge representation

  • AutoSpeech

    Automatic speech classification

    Automatic speech recognition

    Automatic TTS synthesis

Decision-making technology

  • Reinforcement Learning

    Automatic network architecture generation

    Automatic offline reinforcement learning

    Automatic algorithm selection and dynamic parameter tuning

    Automatic representation learning

    Sample-efficient reinforcement learning

  • Environment Learning

    Knowledge-driven continuous environment learning

    Knowledge-driven discrete environment learning

    Data-driven ML-based environment learning

    Data-driven causal-based environment learning

AI Infrastructure

  • System Architecture

  • Heterogeneous Computing

  • Tiered Storage

Other technology

  • 20210302145620_40722.png

    Responsible AI

    Secure multiparty computation platform

    Automated multi-party learning through differential privacy

  • Edge Computing

  • Interactive AutoML

Collaboration Colleges

  • 丘成桐数学科技中心
  • 华中科技大学logo图
  • 南京大学logo图
  • 西北工业大学logo图
  • 北京大学logo图
  • 南方科技大学logo图
  • 香港科技大学logo图
  • 清华大学logo图
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  • Bingsheng He

    Bingsheng He

    2020 ACM Distinguished Member; Dean's Chair Associate Professor and Vice Dean, School of Computing, National University of Singapore; world-renowned database and AI system scholar.

    Cooperation area:Computing and storage infrastructure for AI systems
  • Sinno Jialin Pan

    Sinno Jialin Pan

    Provost's Chair Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; named to the list of "AI 10 to Watch" by the IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine.

    Cooperation area:Natural language processing
  • 李宇峰

    Yufeng Li

    Associate professor in National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University; and a faculty member of LAMDA Group.

    Cooperation area:Automatic transfer learning and automatic weak labeling
  • 余果

    Guo Yu

    Pharmaceutical researcher and professor; and director of National Institution of Drug Clinical Trial, Subei People's Hospital, Jiangsu.

    Cooperation area:Intelligent healthcare
  • 张利军

    Lijun Zhang

    Research professor in the School of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University; and a member of LAMDA Group.

    Cooperation area:Large-scale and distributed optimization algorithm
  • 郭天佑

    James T. Kwok

    Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; renowned machine learning scholar; and an IEEE Fellow.

    Cooperation area:Automated robust learning
  • 谢磊

    Lei Xie

    Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor in the School of Computer Science and Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University; and head of Audio, Speech & Language Processing Group (ASLP@NPU).

    Cooperation area:Speech processing
  • 詹德江

    Dechuan Zhan

    Professor in School of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University; deputy director of LAMDA Group; and director of AI Innovation Institute of AI Valley.

    Cooperation area:Automated graph learning and small sample learning