Industry Scenarios

As healthcare industry evolves, AI technology can help you deliver better services around various scenario, improve business intelligence and realize intelligent transformation.

  • 慢病风险预测图标

    Risk predictions on chronic disease

    Powered by the leading AI technology and the largest metabolic disease sample database in the world, the high-precision chronic disease screening solutions are built to assess the risks for common chronic diseases.

    Screen for five chronic diseases at five risk levels
    Predict and analyze 3-10 year risk for chronic diseases
    Provide personalized risk factor analysis and health intervention programs
  • 疫情推演系统图标

    COVID-19 simulation exercise system

    Based on AI technologies for decision making, build a data-driven digital twin for COVID-19 pandemic at different administrative levels to estimate the impact of control measures on spreading trends and provide basis for scientific resumption planning.

    Trace the transmission routes backward, and build contact networks
    Enrich the models with screening rules to identify population at a high risk of infection
    Simulate the epidemic spreading trends to support macro decision-making
  • 新生儿体重预测图标

    Prediction of birth weight

    Train predictive machine learning models at scale with AutoML technology to assist physicians without ML expertise in predicting birth weights and providing guidance for childbirth delivery options.

    Adopt AutoML technology
    Ensure high prediction accuracy, with an error within 205.3g
    Relevant research outcome was published on academic journal; deliver better outcomes than classic formula; provide guidance on clinical practice.
  • 胰腺癌术后生存分析图标

    Postoperative survival analysis of pancreatic cancer patients

    Train predictive machine learning models at scale with technologies like automated GBDT algorithm parameter tuning to improve prediction accuracy by 12%, giving a helpful reference for surgical decision-making.

    Higher prediction accuracy when comparing to Cox regression analysis
    Enable preoperative decision-making before operation
  • AI医学识别图标

    AI-driven medical recognition

    Apply cutting-edge technologies like AutoCV and OCR for various scenarios to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare. Provide AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment functions to speed up medical image reading, reduce physician’s workload and improve medical treatment efficiency.

  • AI药物研发图标

    AI-powered Pharma R&D

    Apply AI technologies to different scenarios and processes (like target-based screening, compound synthesis) at different development stages (like drug discovery and preclinical research), improving development efficiency and speeding up development cycle.

  • AI辅助决策图标

    AI-based decision-making

    Powered by AI technologies, provide AI-based solutions to help hospitals, medical staff and medical insurance agencies enhance diagnosis & treatment processes, improve efficiency and deliver outstanding patient experience.

  • 智慧家庭图标

    Smart family

    Based on Internet technologies, edge computing technologies and AI technologies, provide human-machine interaction solutions for smart family to build better family life together with smart city and smart community services.


  • 2-3 x

    Higher prediction accuracy for chronic disease, when compared to professional doctors with clinical experience

  • 16 x

    Higher accuracy in screening people with high risk of COVID-19 infection

  • 90 %

    Lower prediction error for COVID-19 simulation exercise, when compared to that of common infectious diseases

  • 12 %

    Higher absolute prediction accuracy for the postoperative survival analysis of pancreatic cancer patients


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