Three Phases of AIGS

  • Phase 1.0: AI-assisted task execution

    With the integration of Copilot, 4Paradigm SageGPT enables users to use various data sources and plugin functions for task execution through natural language instructions.

  • Phase 2.0: AI-led rule-based task execution

    With the integration of Copilot and knowledge base, SageGPT can automatically execute tasks in best practice by leveraging accumulated data input.

  • Phase 3.0: AI-led complex task execution

    With the integration of Copilot and Chain of Thought (CoT) abilities, SageGPT can perform complex tasks through automatically in-depth data and rule analysis, methodical reasoning, and step-by-step execution.


  • Multimodal Large Model

    Private deployment supported
    Data Security Guaranteed: All data remain within local database at all time
    No external models required
    Controllable cost

  • Knowledge base

    Trusted source of internal knowledge base
    Reliable and accurate generated content with knowledge graph cross-validation
    Verifiable outputs

  • Enterprise-grade Copilot

    Controlled execution process
    Real-time error fixing and knowledge learning

  • Chain of Thought (CoT)

    Step-by-step inference
    Breakdown of complex tasks
    Data flywheel effect

Business Scenarios

  • Marketing/Sales

    Provide AI assistance for higher service performance and efficiency

    Identify user profiles and needs through conversation analysis for personalized service

    Automate customer service to reduce labor costs

    Optimize communication experience for users

    Support marketing content creation

  • Product innovation

    Enable product simulation, optimization and prediction

    Pinpoint the best product design quickly and efficiently

    Modernize human-computer interaction

    Empower people to innovate better

  • Business assistance

    Embed intelligence to overall or specific business areas such as retail

    Continuously improve enterprise data and business strategies

    Streamline and optimize business processes

    Implement relevant campaigns efficiently

Our Product in Action