Industry Scenarios

As the new retail evolves, AI technology has been applied in all aspects of retail to help create a customer-centric service strategy, improve business intelligence and realize intelligent transformation.

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    Precision marketing

    Leverage AI technology to precisely build 360° customer profile, predict consumer needs and provide personalized product recommendations to drive sales conversion and sales performance.

    Meet personalized consumer demands across various scenarios
    Provide recommendations at touch points to monetize consumer demands
    Provide personalized mobile services at any moment
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    Intelligent operation

    Transform towards intelligent operations to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, realizing standardized and intelligent operation management.

    Rapidly predict and instantly monitor customer demands
    Enable intelligent product pricing and replenishment
    Support product selecting based on insights into customer demands
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    Intelligent supply chain

    Based on insights into customer demands, leverage AI technology to forecast sales for a more flexible production, distribution and replenishment and lower inventory loss and operation cost.

    Coordinate logistics and product supply in an intelligent way
    Flexibly adapt procurement plans at a more controllable cost
    Flexibly connect supply and demand to reduce overstocks
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    Intelligent customer service

    Effectively fulfill consumer demands on product consultation and self-service purchase to increase customer satisfaction, improve inquiry-to-order rate and save labor cost.

    Improve the customer service efficiency of e-commerce
    Provide relevant data to support the customer service in various scenarios
    Empower traditional enterprises to embrace e-commerce


  • >78 %

    Increase of coupon daily usage

  • 98 %

    Forecast accuracy of takeaway sales

  • RMB 100mn

    Annual revenue generated from personalized product mix recommendation


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