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  • Real-time behavior data access

    With streaming data access and processing capability, access customer behavior data in real time to optimize search results as needed by customers.

  • High-dimensional machine learning model

    Provide individualized search feedback by applying high-dimensional machine learning model in click adjustment, search results re-ranking, and shading options.

  • Effective deployment and implementation

    Based on the search data, automatically extract relevant words from the entity library, create search index, and build search intent identification models to quickly build up search capabilities.


  • Precise intent identification

    Precisely identify user intent and improve search experience with powerful natural language processing capabilities for spell check, word association, pinyin conversion, synonym extension, behavior prediction and search prompts.

  • Custom algorithm strategy

    Provide individualized search results with machine learning algorithm models; support the full-process algorithm tuning to match algorithm models with business needs.

  • Custom operation intervention configuration

    Customize intervention configurations for content screening, content push, content disabling and shading option to meet diversified business needs and provide more relevant search results.

  • Real-time data statistics and analysis

    Support flexible user management and search scenario management; provide business statistical indicators. Business users can conduct A/B testing and view results in real time to meet business needs.

Business Scenarios

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    Precision marketing

  • 销量预测图标

    Sales forecast

  • 用户画像图标

    User Profiling

  • 猜你喜欢图标

    Recommendation engine

  • 商品搜索图标

    Product search

  • 搜索建议图标

    Search recommendation

  • 热门搜索图标

    Hot topic search

  • 结果筛选图标

    Result Filtering

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