Industry Scenarios

Simplify and optimize marketing management, improve internal operations and risk control while increasing revenue and saving costs with 4Paradigm AI solutions for banking.

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    Precision marketing

    leverage AI models to provide precision-targeted marketing across online and offline channels without customer disruption, ensuring marketing success.

    Precise match between customers and products
    Accelerated modeling with AutoML applications
    Applied across all business channels
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    Real-time anti-fraud

    Based on industry-leading AI technologies, build an AI-powered anti-fraud system covering all business scenarios.

    High-dimensional model, improving overall anti-fraud and risk management
    Rapid response and real-time risk interception
    Regular self-learning and update of models, keeping up with the changes in fraud
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    Intelligent anti-money laundering

    Based on AI-powered anti-money laundering technology, significantly reduce the labor cost, and identify, analyze and report suspicious cases to eliminate under-reporting and over-reporting.

    Covering the entire anti-money laundering process, improve analysis efficiency and greatly reduce the labor cost for auditing and reporting.
    Build end-to-end closed-loop online data process with high-dimensional models and self-learning technology, to improve models iteratively and support business rules.
  • Operation optimization

    Integrate ML, knowledge graph, NLP and other technologies to enhance corporate banking service, capture marketing opportunities, and improve enterprise credit-granting and risk conduction.

    Discover the association among enterprises, people, places, products and transactions with in-depth data insight
    Establish an intelligent marketing and risk-based credit system
    Expand public and private banking business and improve e-business service efficiency


  • 112 %

    Increase in marketing effectiveness for long tail customers by using intelligent marketing models, when compared to expert rules

  • 3 x

    Accuracy increased by using anti-fraud AI models, when compared to expert rules

  • 57 %

    Reduction in false discovery rate by using anti-fraud models, when compared to expert rules

  • 99.6 %

    Among top 70% suspicious cases, 99.6% of suspicious anti-money laundering cases are recalled


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