Explore new business models powered by AI-driven decision making.

AI-driven decision making promises a new paradigm of business, leaving the practice-based operating model behind. 4Paradigm can help you explore new business models powered by AI-driven decision making, break bottlenecks for more efficient growth, enable a qualitative change in business operations, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Industry Leaders Choose 4Paradigm

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What We Do

  • Empower large-scale adoption

    With a comprehensive transformation strategy, standardized yet customizable AI adoption methodology and innovative products, 4Paradigm empowers you to adopt AI at scale, improve transformation efficiency, and unleash the power of rapid innovation.

  • Drive value creation

    Unique value creation for customers is the key to success in the new economy. By enabling high precision matching, real-time response, and granular demand forecasting, 4Paradigm is helping enterprises create a customer-centric experience and making AI accessible to everyone.

  • Support enterprise transformation

    Powered by software-defined computing technology, 4Paradigm can help you build a computing infrastructure with higher performance, higher efficiency and optimal effectiveness at the same TCO. This allows enterprises to undergo digital transformation at an affordable cost.

Our Product Portfolio

  • 4Paradigm Sage AIOS

    Enterprise AI operating system

    Based on AI-oriented core capabilities for data governance, resource management and application management, connect the underlying infrastructure to the upper-level applications, thus safeguarding the development and launch of AI-powered applications and providing better-performance and high-availability runtime support in real time.

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  • 4Paradigm Sage HyperCycle

    Automated machine learning platform

    Based on 4Paradigm’s advanced high-dimensional machine learning framework and AutoML algorithm, hand over tedious and difficult tasks to machines to bridge your talent gap, and provide you with a standard AI-enabled AutoML platform with low barriers to entry.

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  • 4Paradigm Marketing

    Enterprise-level customer experience management platform

    With intelligent recommendation, intelligent search, intelligent push, chatbot and data governance services, help you connect online and offline resources, enhance traffic operation efficiency, and quickly realize intelligent operation across multiple scenarios.

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  • 4Paradigm SageOne

    Software-defined computing platform

    Leverage software-defined computing to maximize AI computing power and efficiency, allowing you to reduce the cost and complexity of development and operation.

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Our Innovative Technologies

  • 30 +


    · More than 30 AutoML algorithms covering cognition, perception, decision-making and other areas.
    · Hosted most AutoML track challenges of international AI conferences and launched AutoML Special Issue in the international journal TPAMI.
    · Named as a worldwide representative vendor for automated machine learning platform by Gartner and Forrester.

  • TOP3

    Transfer learning

    · Two of the TOP 3 transfer learning scholars in the world from 4Paradigm.
    · The first mover in proposing the common transfer learning framework and five major algorithms, laying the theoretical foundation and main research directions for transfer learning.
    · Won the first prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, the highest honor in China’s AI research.

  • Trillion-dimensional

    AI computing architecture

    · Leveraging Software-defined AI computing, Build a high-performance AI computing architecture that supports trillion-dimensional feature processing.
    · Build high-efficient AI-oriented architecture systems at a low cost, covering acceleration card, network communication architecture etc.

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