Industry Scenarios

Securities firms are shifting their intelligent transformation priorities from AI platform deployment to AI-driven business enablement. Facing the increasing demands across lines of business, more requirements on AI technology are imposed on AI service providers.4Paradigm can dive into business scenarios of securities firm to facilitate their intelligent transformation.

  • Intelligent online customer operation

    Help the digital finance unit of securities firms realize online customer lifecycle operation.

    Deliver services such as intelligent product recommendation, content recommendation, intelligent search and intelligent push
    Increase customer retention and stickiness
    Enable automated regular update of recommended models to avoid model failures
  • Intelligent investment consulting

    Provide intelligent investment consulting services based on the high-performance machine learning platform and rich industry experience.

    Deliver transaction behavior analysis and intelligent recommendation services
    Segment customers based on transaction history
    Recommend derivatives based on user profiles
  • Research report recognition

    Create a one-stop research report recognition solution for securities firms and fund companies based on 4Paradigm Sage Knowledge Base.

    Provide a universal OCR model for fast document input
    Extract knowledge from unstructured data
    Provide estimation services to enable real-time batch import of research reports
  • High-frequency trading decision engine

    Enable millisecond-level trading indicator detection based on the self-developed real-time in-memory database,

    Enable millisecond-level data processing
    Use decision-making models to improve the monitoring system
    Provide configurable high-frequency trading indicators and processes


  • 95 %

    Field recognition accuracy of stock research reports (300 reports for training)

  • 18 ms

    Average response time for high-frequency trading indicator monitoring

  • 582.50 %

    Max. average daily growth of active customers


Our Success Stories

  • Abnormal transaction detection

    4Paradigm helped the company improve the abnormal transactions identification accuracy and strengthen financial risk management, thus avoiding unnecessary manual work and protecting the company’s knowledge assets.

    Case Study
  • Customer reactivation

    4Paradigm helped the company increase the activation rate by 4.5 times, with an overall marketing strategy matching rate of 72.28%, effectively enhancing the marketing performance.

    Case Study
  • Customer acquisition

    Powered by AI technology, the company use advisory models to score users based on the existing customer data and implement targeted marketing, increasing the success rate by 12.8 times.

    Case Study
  • Fund products recommendation

    4Paradigm SageOne platform provides AI-powered individualized recommendation capabilities to help the company increase the conversion rate.

    Case Study