4Paradigm + Partners
A Galaxy Plan for Partners to Build Their Own AI Solutions and Sales Channel

Galaxy Plan

We use advanced AI technology capabilities and industry experiences to help partners quickly establish and enhance AI-driven competitiveness, gain insights to win market opportunities, and achieve business growth and value addition

Service Cooperation

For companies with project implementation and development capabilities, we provide customized training for talents cultivation to implement AI applications and help them improve their service capabilities for AI projects

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Distribution Agency Cooperation

Promote and distribute 4Paradigm series products, solutions and applications to help partners increase their artificial intelligence market share

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Products and Technology Cooperation

We are open to cooperation for 4Paradigm series products, technologies, solutions, and applications to enhance the ability of partners to solve practical business problems in specific business scenarios and jointly explore opportunities in multiple fields.

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Partnership Support
  • Solutions Support

    Provide case studies on AI-driven solutions and related industry application stories

    Provide multi-scenario modeling processes and methodological introduction

  • Marketing Support

    Provide resource support including materials and marketing related to 4Paradigm products and solutions

    Customer salons, seminars, industry shows and other promising marketing opportunities

  • Enabling Training Support

    Provide multi-level AI empowerment training support from elementary to advanced, from entry- to master level, and directed to the actual needs of the enterprise

    Provide a professional and standard AI certification system to help you expand your reach in the AI field

  • Cooperation Service Support

    Provide a series of services to help partners build AI knowledge and applications

    Provide full-time project expert with comprehensive business consulting and guidance